• This Month: Geoff Fisher in Home and Gardens

    We're delighted for Geoff Fisher who is featured in this month's Home and Gardens Magazine on the Movers & Shakers pages.  Geoff, who provides Kobi and Teal with the ever-popular foraged wood hooks, catapults, brushes and brooms, has deservedly been put in the spotlight to talk about his work, where his ideas come from and his future projects.

    Read Geoff's story in the March edition of Home and Gardens, and check out his wonderful wares in the shop and online. Photograph by Helen Cathcart.

    You can see some of the products we sell of Geoff's here.

  • REWIND / 21 February - 24 March

    Rewind / 21 February - 24 March

    In a few weeks, we will welcome the mesmerising photographic exhibition Rewind into our gallery space.

    Karen Dews and Paul Blakemore present a unique body of work, exploring the memory of film and the very nature of analogue photography. The collection presents the idea of collaborative image making; discovering what happens if you rewind the film and pass it on. 

    Both artists have a long history of experimenting within the field of analogue
    photography and over the last 15 years, have exhibited their work alongside one
    another on many occasions. Their subject matter crosses time-zones and temperatures, continents and counties, seasons and

    Rewind is not to be missed.

  • Temper Studio Presents

    Current Exhibition
  • Mixing Signals - an exhibition of 23 artists

    Kobi & Teal is proud to present ‘Mixing Signals’ - an exhibition of 23 artists. 
    Painting, Drawing, Photography, Print, Sculpture, Textiles and Collage - each discipline and approach signalling its own ideas, craft and aesthetic. Kobi & Teal has selected a group of artworks to reflect this variety and create a rich and memorable experience.
    The Kobi & Teal Gallery offers the design retailer a welcome opportunity to enhance it’s visual and exploratory content. Each exhibition to date has introduced a contrasting practice to the last. ‘Mixing Signals’ celebrates the galleries first year by bringing together new work from it’s previous exhibitors as well as introducing many new artists and designers. This distinctive addition to the shop has greatly contributed to the ever-evolving nature of this business, creating a destination for those looking for something new.