• The Isolation Effect

    Support Independent. Support Individual. Support Innovation.
    At Kobi & Teal, we proudly represent a slew of independent designers, makers and artists from the UK. We work with individuals who strive to challenge, innovate and offer something different to the market through their craft and creativity. We want to shine the spotlight on these small businesses and hope that in turn, people will want to support us as a small fish in a big pond.
    We want to stand out from the crowd; bring something different to the table, and the home. The Isolation Effect (or Von Restroff Effect) tells us that when lots of similar objects are presented to us, the object most different from the others is more likely to be noticed and remembered. We want our customers to have access to the products that are useful or playful, and bring a smile, and are different, noticed and remembered. Supporting innovative independents allows us to do this.