About us

Kobi & Teal is a design shop and gallery curated by designer Nick Fraser to offer a considered collection of artwork and objects for the home. With a mission to bring together a diverse group of small design brands, individual makers, and contemporary artists, Kobi & Teal holds focus on self-production.

The rich and varied range on display represents our enthusiasm for the individual. With the inclusion of traditional craft and contemporary design or a combination of both, we look to feature thoughtful products that find a balance between the playful and sophistication.

Kobi & Teal brings a unique experience for its visitors; offering an exciting product range together with one-off and small batch samples. With a solid background in interior product design, Nick is privileged to work collaboratively with many of the designers and artists, often making individual pieces specifically for the Kobi & Teal customers.

The gallery space offers Kobi & Teal an opportunity to enhance its visual and exploratory content. Each exhibition will introduce a contrasting discipline to the last from artists and designers with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This distinctive addition to the shop will contribute to the ever-evolving nature of this business, creating a destination for those looking for something new.

The vibrant selection of work Kobi & Teal offer will continue to grow, bringing something to everyone who wants  to support the independent and help it thrive, not through duty but because it’s the better way to shop. Nick is committed to making Kobi & Teal a hub of creative talent, supporting and promoting all its designers, makers and artists.