• F R A M E D Exhibition

    Our latest exhibition FRAMED showcases the designs and artworks of lots of makers and artists across the mediums. We have watercolours and drawings, weavings, lighting and furniture, wooden objects, sculpture, ceramics and more.

    This exhibition is more fluid than others we've had in the past due to the uncertainty of the time. This has allowed us to show new pieces by participating artists and makers when sold pieces leave us for their new homes.

    As always, the exhibition is available to view online and in store. If you require more photography of certain pieces, just let us know.

    Participating artists and makers: Kate Evans, Jo Elbourne, Head & Haft, Kieran Letts, Arbor, Slow Made Goods, Maria Wojdat, Sean Thornhill, Nina Silverberg, Vic Wright, Caroline Egleston, Patric Volk, The Campbell Collective, Emily Ketteringham, Joella Wheatley, Elle Maxwell, Kate Mary and Arjan Van Dal.