Small Porcelain Spoon Black and Pink

Small Porcelain Spoon Black and Pink

Amanda-Sue Rope


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These spoons are carved by hand in porcelain and intricately hand-painted using underglazes. The spoons are then fired to 1260 degrees centigrade. They are unglazed. While they are highly decorative they can also be used for domestic purposes but it is advised that they should only be used with dry food-stuffs such as sea-salt, sugar, tea leaves and the like. Porcelain has excellent strength and can withstand a fair amount of reasonable usage but as with any fragile item and due to the nature of the decoration care should be taken when using and washing. Hand-washing is recommended.

Length 9.8 cm

These unique pieces are part of the CLAYmakers exhibition and purchases can be collected/sent out on/after 6 October. Should this be an issue, please get in touch prior to ordering to discuss delivery options.

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