Shade 06

Shade 06

Jo Elbourne


These smaller scale pieces by Jo Elbourne are part of the on-going Shade series, portraying perhaps architectural scenes playing with form and shadow. They are also an exercise in colour composition and work equally well as abstracts.

Kobi & Teal is delighted to have a selection of designs that Jo has been making over the year. One of each edition made in the Shade series has been put back for Gathering Ground and are the last available. 

Edition of 7

Wrapped cotton yarn on board

H 13.5 x W 18.8 x D 2 cm framed in polished ash

As this artwork is part of the Gathering Ground exhibition, it will not be sent out immediately but will be shipped in time for Christmas. If you have a particular date you need delivery by, please do get in touch to discuss.

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