All Colours Fade Plate Group

All Colours Fade Plate Group

Arjan Van Dal


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This group was made with a combination of a primary colour and blended with the greenish hue, a mix of all the colours used in the studio. It tells a story of colour use and colour perception.

Made using a repeating blend and rolling technique on the slab roller using Arjan's signature solid colour porcelain. To create one slab, the process is labour intensive, and the plates are then cut and shaped. All gradients plates are individual and unique.
On each plate back indicates which colours are blended and to which percentage. They are also marked as 02.19, as it is the second batch of gradient plates made this year.
Sold as a set of three.
This unique piece is part of the CLAYmakers exhibition and purchases can be collected/sent out on/after 6 October. Should this be an issue, please get in touch prior to ordering to discuss delivery options.

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