Stalassein - Kobi & Teal


Jennifer NR Smith


Stalassein is the greek word meaning ‘to drip’ and is the etymological origin of ‘stalagmites’ and ‘stalactites’. Belonging to a wider body of work called Flow Studies, the drawings have
layers of abstraction and ‘un-abstraction’. Abstract forms hint at the representational by
appropriating diagrammatic visual language that suggest it should be read as
such. Inspired by the aesthetic of topographical diagrams and fluid dynamics, abstract
marks were made by hand marbling, collage and frottage, and were then analysed and
given form by drawing techniques used in technical drawing and scientific illustration.

Jennifer is an illustrator and visual artist based in the Bristol area. She focuses on drawing
as an academic inter-disciplinary tradition.

Collage, Hand Marbled Paper, Charcoal and Ink on Paper
33 x 80 cm framed

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