A Classic on Vinyl #1 - Kobi & Teal

A Classic on Vinyl #1

Liz K Miller


Liz K Miller’s A Classic On Vinyl #1 is the first etching in a series of print works from the cartography project Scordatura. This set of work sits at the intersection of music,
geometry, psychology and visual art. It studies the opening melody within Clair de Lune by
Claude Debussy, exploring the repetitive motifs within the music. Within this circular
notation system radius denotes pitch, circumference is time, and each time a musical motif
repeats the score forms a new concentric circle, producing diagrams that appear to have
grown organically.

Liz K Miller lives and works in London.  Her practice considers the seductiveness of cycles
and repetitive patterns to the human condition.  She investigates how we are all an
integral part of the natural cycle that creates patterns and structures.

A Classic on Vinyl #1
Etching; Printed Vinyl Record
H 65 x W 63 x D 3 cm framed

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