Gina Soden


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Klinik was photographed in a sprawling sanatorium, which covered over 300 acres. Abandoned for almost 15 years, this sanatorium was used throughout World War One and two; interestingly Hitler was treated here. It has been used for a few movie sets and music videos, most probably owing to the great sense of eeriness it possesses, similar to a ghost town, as it is so large. Gina spent 12 hours in the complex, which is made up of over 50 buildings.

The complex houses several bathing areas on the ground floor including an enormous domed cathedral-like area containing nothing but a tiny plunge pool in the centre. Romanesque design features abound - There are many marble columns. Also it features many circular windows, stained glass details and full of patterns and geometry.In this particular building, Gina crawled through tunnel networks to gain access to the basement of this building, which was the male bath house.  

H 53 x W 73 cm (framed)

Edition of 15

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