Mine Changing Room

Mine Changing Room

Gina Soden


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This is the changing room of an abandoned mine (which has now been capped). Thousands of these baskets hung down for each of the workers, and there were about 4000 in one huge room.
The top flat section was used for valuables such as keys and money, and the baskets and hooks were used for their clothes and shoes; each worker had a key and these baskets would be hoisted up and locked. The mine workers would then go down the mines and get to work, then at the end of their shift, they would shower and collect their clothes and belongings.
This was a secure locker system but also one which cleverly showed whether the miners were stuck down in the mine or not - if any baskets were left up in the air at the end of the shift, they knew one had not returned.

H 73 x W 53 cm (framed)

Edition of 15

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