Havelock Studio

Havelock Studio
Havelock Studio was established in 2015 by designer maker Jack Havelock Bailey.
Havelock Studio specialises in high quality furniture, products and objects rooted in concept and purpose. Jack believes that the enjoyment of life can be improved with simple, beautiful and functional design.
Jack graduated with Distinction from The Welsh School of Architecture in 2013 but his love of designing and making on smaller scales pushed him to set up Havelock Studio. He believes that furniture, products and objects are just like buildings in the respect that they need to be meticulously designed, interrogated, considered and refined to produce an exceptional end result.   
Havelock Studio use both traditional and modern manufacturing techniques as they believe it is important to embrace and develop manual crafts as well as the digital. They love to work with all materials but particularly enjoy wood and concrete. They currently have a workshop in Kent where all the products are hand made.

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