• Universal Magnetic x PARIS

    Kobi & Teal are very fortunate to have renowned graffiti artist Paris exhibit a selection of his work for the launch of the shop and gallery. 'Universal Magnetic' gives an insight into the three main areas in Paris’ work, presenting a selection from each as well as a collaboration piece with Kobi & Teal designer Nick Fraser (pictured).

    Paris’ graffiti art and canvas work can be easily identified with its unique combination of atmospheric colour, detailed line work and space age effects. The exhibited canvasses formalise the skill and intuition Paris has developed over the last three decades.

    In recent years, Paris has explored the potential of watercolour, pen and ink. This new method of working has brought together elements of his abstract graffiti and his love of graphic art onto paper. Using similar techniques, Paris then created a series of British wild mushrooms, reminiscent of Victorian botanical studies. In collaboration with interiors brand 17 Patterns, these vibrant ‘Shroom’ interpretations have now been developed into a high-end wallpaper and soft furnishings collection.

    Paris rose to global fame in 2011 when he worked alongside the British rock band Coldplay creating a massive piece of spray can art for the cover of their 5th Studio Album Mylo Xyloto and subsequent world tours. Since, he has regularly participated in British Music events, most recently creating work for the public and private areas at Glastonbury Festival 2016.

    Paris moved to Frome in 2013 and has continued his work: from the ‘Butterfly Effect’ Mural in Victoria Park, Frome and a major installation in Bethlehem, Palestine.