Wood Balm

Wood Balm

Selwyn House


This Wood Balm will keep your beautiful Selwyn House purchases hydrated and allow them to use them for longer.

A blend of walnut oil, candelilla wax and cold-pressed lemon oil, this semi-solid balm is suitable for boards, bowls, utensils, even tabletops. Simply apply with a lint-free cloth all over your item, allow the wood to absorb the balm for half an hour then buff with a dry cloth to remove any residue. It is recommended to use the balm at least every few months, but it can be used more often whenever your items look in need of moisture and rejuvenation.

Plant-based and suitable for vegans.

Available in 15ml aluminium pots.

Please be aware this product contains Walnut Oil which may not be suitable for people with a severe nut allergy.

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