The Death of Gogmagog, the last giant of Albion

The Death of Gogmagog, the last giant of Albion

Amy Jeffs


Amy Jeffs’ work is inspired by the medieval manuscript she researched for her PhD. The linocuts displayed here were made in the belief that Britain’s current identity crisis is as much a confusion of apocrypha as it is of facts.

The whole series consists of seven episodes from the original Latin version of the myth, Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain, written in 1136 for the Norman elite of England. They explore the fantasy of Britishness.

The Death of Gogmagog, the last giant of Albion

When Brutus and his men arrive in Albion, it is inhabited only by giants. They kill all except their leader, Gogmagog, so that they can hold a wrestling match between him and the future Lord of Cornwall, Corineus. The History of the Kings of Britain, Ch. I. 17

 “The contest began. Corineus moved in, so did the giant; each of them caught the other in a hold by twining his arms around him, and the air vibrates with their panting breath. Gogmagog gripped Corineus with all his might and broke three of his ribs, two on the right side and one on the left. Corineus then summoned all his strength, for he was infuriated by what had happened. He heaved Gogmagog up on to his shoulders, and running as fast as he could under the weight, he hurried off to the nearby coast. He clambered up to the top of a mighty cliff, shook himself free and hurled this deadly monster, whom he was carrying on his shoulders, far out into the sea.”

Linocut print on 200gm paper

H 15 x W 21 cm

H 32 x W 44 cm (framed)

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