Quiet Glasses Dusty Pink/Floro Pink

Quiet Glasses Dusty Pink/Floro Pink

Little Solves


Quiet Glass by littlesolves is a glass that’s quieter to put down, safer to use and harder to knock over. Available in 8 colours to brighten up any interior and remind you which one is yours.

A glass for modern living, quiet glass is the little solve with so many benefits to the user...

* The coloured base makes it easier to grip and nice to hold * A good kids first glass after a plastic mug * The colour lets people know who's is who's * The silicone insulates the glass, keeping cold drinks colder for longer * The base negates the need for a coaster - condensation runs inside * They're stackable * Good for hot and cold drinks * Perfect for zoom calls, music studios, or anywhere that benefits a quiet drink *

Also available in Blue, Aquamarine, Ochre, Grey, Avocado and White

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