Maria Wojdat

Graphic designer turned ceramist, Maria Wojdat, works from her studio in Bath. She uses line, colour and form in her pieces to explore themes to do with connections and relationships, boundaries and divisions, and differences and likenesses.

Her early creative training and work as a graphic designer is a major influence in her practice - the qualities of material, techniques and even some tools have come with her into working in clay. The precision she learned when creating artwork on a drawing board combined with the organic nature of clay is the basis of the way she works in clay today. An important part of her process involves painstakingly scraping and sanding the work at various stages to create the clean lines and balanced forms of her pieces. Her ceramic surfaces are matt areas of saturated colour and are inspired by the qualities of the papers she used to specify to printers. And paper is often the starting point for new ideas, making card and paper maquettes before moving on to experimenting in clay.